“Flying is a serious profession. Do not carry your worries beyond this point” We read daily the Slogan written on the door of hangar while taking out helicopter for flying.It was tense and grueling morning of winter when gliders Patiala aviation club took off and landed after shorter sorties. An aircraft took off from the launch pad with three technicians and two pilots but within 15 minutes of flying there was a blast and aircraft fell to the ground with fumes and fire. Within few minutes fire brigade, ambulance and other task forces arrived on the site but unfortunately no crews could be survived as aircraft had caught huge fire as the ATF (aviation turbine fuel) is highly inflammable. It was a regime all serviceable aircrafts were in the air to boost up the moral of soldiers. The unforgettable moments and relevant topics of this book is mainly for the youth and aspiring individuals who have patriotism in their blood. This is an attempt to bring out some of the resilient purpose hidden in their sight and mind by catching them young.

This book is not only personal story of life style of military, it is also about vital solutions for the individuals from defence organizations and fulfil the zeal to serve the country in a better way as some of the extracts of my masters in psychology may be more constructive and creative in their lives. I started by journey as an author because some of my friends from Armed forces suggested me to write books so that I do not die loaded.

I never wanted to write but recently read “Die Empty” of Tod Henry and decided to exhaust my inside story so that people can benefitted. Moreover I read more than 450 best seller books and wisdom of different authors which I have gathered should not go in vein. I have decided that 50% of the income generated from this book will be used for charity especially to the Armed forces personnel and other genuine victims of financial situations including physically challenged.