"Your top priority should be yourself. If you can not make yourself a priority, you would not able to make other people a priority either."- Avina Celeste

Do you know the personality disorder of a person and unpredictable behaviour that can result into disaster?

Check the history, people are drug addicts since last few decades and still affairs continue. In todays fanatic world people are under constant fear,

"Who will be the next victim?"

We can not totally stop these unusual happenings but we can moderate to a great level if we apply certain principles in our life. Author has tried to present 21 different psychological ways which will not only compare your existing level of personality traits but will make drastic changes to eradicate, resolve or at least moderate violent issues in today's hectic life of people.

It will be easier to understand and experience difficulties and rise to a desired level of happiness in each area of life if tips given in this book are applied. The examples and messages have been derived from best seller authors, psychological inferences and wide range experiences from Armed forces to corporate sectors.

It is time to  introspect and spend considerable time with inner self and treat this book to assign yourself as one of the important projects in your life and 

Rediscover Hidden Potential.
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