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Author had 15 years of active service in Indian Air Force as an Airmen. He worked on Aero Engines of various aircrafts equipped in Armed forces. He was working in trade of Engine fitter and had a specialization in Helicopter engines. During his service in Air Force he was posted to different parts of the country including Leh-Ladakh as well as Jammu and Kashmir. He was part of various operation of Armed Forces like Blue start operation, Blast Track operation and Passive air defence during peace time. He worked not only in Air Force Units but also rendered service in Army in units of Air Defence Regiments. Along with the Equipment and Aircrafts he was also trained in Arms and ammunition like .303 rifles and LMGs. While working on the aircrafts he discharged the duties of Guard commander and preserved various security levels of Air Force at different units. As a senior noncommissioned officer, he also worked as a supervisor in canteen store departments and unit run canteens. He recently published his military biography. Apart from real life story the book ‘What I will be remembered for’ also narrated the glimpses of various operations during war time and familiarized various gallantry awards.

Author have recently published self help book ‘Build Better Version Of Yourself’ with 21 psychological ways to organize the mind to help and make changes to eradicate and resolve major issues faced by individuals. The book has widely been accepted in India and abroad.

The author was also manager in State Bank of India for 24 years in supervisory cadre. He discharged the duties of field officer, account officer and branch manager in various branches of Gujarat. He had maintained and upgraded various branches as ‘Exceptionally well run’ and met the requirements of levels aspired by the Bank. During various line segment assignments, he managed men and material with adequate moral boosting of workmen. He worked as a joint custodian of Reserve Bank of India for several years and maintained cash flow for ATM replenishments and Currency Administrative Cells of branches of SBI and other banks. He was awarded best branch manager of State Bank of India in the year 2014-15.

The author had masters in psychology in 1986 from one of the universities from South India. During his active service in Armed forces and corporate sector, he guided organizations and individuals by the virtue of his experiments and experiences to resolve day to day issues. He acquired skills of computers by studying DISM and PGDCA from Saurashtra University along with the degree from APTECH. While serving in the bank he also imparted skills to students in spare time with morning and evening classes by teaching them MS office, C++, visual FoxPro, visual basics and website designing.

The author has hobby of vocal and instrument playing like harmonium, guitar, flute, mouth organ and violin. Being an artist of All India Radio, he performed several programs over radio and stages in different parts of the Gujarat. Author is presently working on varieties of niches in the form of books and videos on banking, meditation, motivation, music and varied topics on personality traits and attitudinal effects on behavior exploring human psychology.




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