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Have you any time updated your software in computer?

Most of the time you do not bother to the prompt you get,

"Do you want to update for version 2.0?" And you choose Ignore until your system is running with mediocre speed.
But if there is an attack of virus and subject software is related to eradicate virus from the system, you do not read
even two pages of terms and conditions and straight a way push the button 'Yes'

Have you ever thought about your own little version?

V1>V0. You have to upgrade your four human aspects as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The whole series of books
of author is for the paradigm shift from present version to next better version. You can become the best version of yourself,
but unfortunately it is not plug and play game. It is just like Chinese bamboo tree. You nurture with adequate fertilisers
and water for five years but nothing comes out. After five years bamboo grow almost 100 feet within a couple of weeks and
roots grow so deep that no storm can shake the tree. This is true about your own human version too.

The primary intent to for writing this book is to update your personality through 21 secrets which are derived from psychological
studies and inferences from eminent authors and world class speakers from all over the world. You will learn skills from 'Novice'
to 'Ninja' as following, 1. Secret Of Goal Setting

2. Build Your Strong Personal Brand

3. Become Your Best When Life Gives You Its Worst

4. Turn Ideas To Reality

5. Balance Your Pain And Pleasure

6. Connect To Your Inner Self

Latest version YOU-2.0 is available for download!

Do you want to Update?

Yes/No or Ignore. But remember, it may be too late when you procrastinate because,

"Version One Is Always Better Than Version None"